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The formula to language proficiency is simple:
But how do you actually apply this equation?
That’s where I, as your teacher, come into the picture. My job is threefold: to hold you accountable to putting in the hours of hard work necessary to develop your language skills (i.e. TIME); to challenge you with the most effective exercises and activities to study intelligently (i.e. PRACTICE); and, lastly, to engage you with creative and fulfilling lessons that remind you why you want to study English in the first place (i.e. MOTIVATION). 

In order to best pursue these objectives, I aim to create the most inventive and engaging environment possible for learning. Studies show that activating the more creative parts of the mind – as well as complementing passive with active studying – can help improve memory retention and lead to more profound learning. This is why I take care to personalize each lesson to each individual. If you're musical, we will use songs. If you're interested in current events, we will use newspaper articles. If you love the theater, we will read perform monologues. Through this immersive approach, you will learn more naturally and, with time, you will instinctively start to gain a comprehension of the language.